Saturday, March 24, 2007

All of this just to do dishes?

This is quite possibly one of the most complicated dish cloths ever - at least the way I made it, which included recasting 150 stitches, not one, not twice, but three times! Was it worth it in the end? Perhaps not according to those who haven't been taken over by the knitting addiction. But to those of us in the know, what the heck? I learned a lot from knitting this and I have a cute present for my mom when she comes to visit next week. The next one shouldn't take nearly as long.

For those interested, the pattern is great - it's from the Mason Dixon book. It's a little challenging (not too much if you actually read the pattern right) but it's still easy enough to do while watching television.


Danielle said...

I love it! Sorry you had to cast on so many times! Its not fun in the middle of that 3rd time, but it does make it all worth it when you have a great, finished gift! I bet she'll love it.

stickchick said...

That looks great!! Just think of all the great experiance you have, that could now grow and be a cute blanket!! I saw the ballband dishcloth turned into a cute scarf on Mason Dixon, makes me think what else can I make from their patterns!! Too much fun!!