Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Musings

Note to self: consider making the children wait until after church (8 a.m. service) to hunt for their baskets. It kind of ruins the mood to be yelling at them to get ready while they're happily pouring over their goodies. Also doesn't help them to sit still when they're hyped up on candy!

(Then again, how does one stop a child so excited that the Easter Bunny came from hunting for a basket?)

I should go this week to load up on the cheap plastic bunny and chicky junk to have for next year.

What if I were to buy Valentine's Day candy on sale next year and store it away for Easter? Would that make me really thrifty or just cheap? Would it send my children into therapy some day?


your secret pal said...

Well I thought I was being smart by making my kids wait until after church for the egg hunt. Until the minister asked all the kids (which he had in the front of church) how many of them - raise your hands, have hunted for easter eggs....everyone but my poor children raised their hands. But they did sit pretty still in

elan said...

I wouldn't buy the Valentines stuff for Easter, unless you can stand hearing about it for the rest of you life, they will tease you about it for years. Ask my MIL.

Lisa L said...

Ah - you've reached that stage your mother told you about - you know the one where she used to say to you as a kid "One day you'll understand . . ."!! ;-)

Janice said...

If all your children need therapy for is getting Valentine's day candy for Easter they'll have it made!! :-)

(Actually, you'd probably feel so guilty afterwards YOU'D end up in therapy.........)