Monday, April 23, 2007

Stash busting camera bag

Every new camera deserves a new bag. And why not a bag that is as creative as the pictures I hope to take with the camera? This is the pre-felted version of my new felted camera bag. It was inspired by Leigh Radford's AlterKnits, which I highly recommend.

The pattern is simple:

I used various amounts of left over worsted weight wool. I think it would take less than 220 yards, but I'm not certain. You could substitute bulky. I held one strand together and found it to be thick enough. You could double strand to make the bag extra padded, but I would then add a few stitches to accomodate the bulk.

Change colors to make stripes as desired. I tied knots rather than weaving in the ends and snipped off the knots after the bag was felted. I planned my stripes ahead of time, but changed them as I figured out how much yarn each one took. Generally, you need three times the amount of yarn to cover a given length.

Cast on 56 stitches and knit in the round until the bag is 10.5 inches. Cast off 28 stitches. Knit remaining stitches in stockinette for 5 inches.
Next, for flap:
1. k1, ssk, knit to last three stitches, k2tog, k1
2. purl
Repeat these two rows twice.
cast off
(As a side note, I ended up deciding that I wanted what was supposed to be at the top of my bag at the bottom so I cast off the tube part and picked up stitches at the cast on end. That worked just fine)
Sew up bottom. Turn bag inside out. Flatten the corners and sew across about 1.5 inches from corner to create flat bottom.

Turn right side out and felt to desired size (I will include the measurements of mine with a photo of the finished product in a future post)
Attach handles as desired. You could use a short handle for a hand held strap. I made a long i-cord so I can sling the camera over my shoulder. I plan to use grommets to make holes

Use velcro or buttons, or other method to hold flap closed.

I plan on lining my bag and making pockets to hold batteries and memory cards.

On a side note - trying to write out that pattern gives me a whole new appreciation for pattern makers.

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Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

that is great! I might try that myself, i need to make a little bag for my camera. one question...what is "kks" in your flap directions?