Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Teen age angst

I have always respected the difficult job that single parents face. At least I thought I did. I have a whole new appreciation and level of respect for them!

I thought in the middle of a heated discussion with my 14 yo that perhaps I should take out my knitting to calm myself down. But then I would have sharp objects in my hand. Maybe not so good. Lets just say a quick way to get a 14 yo real mad is to ask a (potential) boyfriend calling on the phone to identify himself before handing over the phone. I realized later that she may have been so upset with me in part because she was unhappy with how the conversation went.

Is there a code for teen behavior? Is there some secret manual that someone forgot to send me? Where are the instructions?

I have two socks on one needle! I'm so excited. I'd really like to show it off, but dh took the good camera to Mexico and I can't find the crummy one.

A random thought: how old does a WIP have to be before it's too late to pick it up again? Is there an expiration date? Should there be?

For anyone who might be interested in ancient Mayan ruins or the rain forest, here is a link to my husband's project - there are supposed to be notes from the field...


loribird said...

On WIPs: I think there's no expiration date unless you want one - it's a very flexible and personal choice :)
On teens: Disagreeing with parents is (supposedly) an essential part of the process of "leaving the nest" for teenagers. That's the psych-class explaination. I remember being that age not so very long ago. Pretty much everything you do as a Mom can be wrong from one day to the next (if you hadn't asked who it was on the phone, she just as easily may have been upset you didn't take the time to find out and let her know...) Hang in there, they'll thank you someday; I know I've finally done so for my mom.

Danielle said...

Is a UFO ever too old? I don't think so, as long as you still like the pattern, etc!

monica said...

I so understand the teen dilema, having 2 in the house myself. As for UFO's, no UFO is too old unless you just don't want to ever knit on it again.

Janice said...

I agree that I think a manual should come with each child... wouldn't that be helpful????? Some situations are just lose/lose no matter what we say or do. But hang in there! It's nothing a little therapy can't sort out! :-)

No expiration date on WIP's... but if it's something that goes in or out of style it may be awhile before it's back 'in'... but they always come back!!