Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hola amigos

So it turns out my dh will be heading to Mexico to go on an expedition with some people studying ancient Myan Ruins. For 10 days. While our 5 children (including two teenage girls) are on Spring Break.

I'm still in shock. I'm not even exactly sure what he's going to do there. I haven't gotten past the fact that he's really leaving for 10 days. Of course I'm happy for him to have the opportunity - can't you see that really big smile plastered on my face!?


Not that I'll have time to knit or read, but I think I might help to just be surrounded by these things of comfort.

Any other suggestions?


Riggwelter said...

I would suggest hiding in a room surrounded by your knitting and let the teenagers do the work. I know how you feel, I have four, but mine are still little!

Lisa L said...

You can always come stay with us and let the kids fend for themselves ;-) A girl can always dream can't she???