Saturday, April 07, 2007

Super Secret Pal

"Even if you don't care to travel, if you're a knitter, you're on a journey to an amazing land. You packed your bags for this trip the first time you picked up needles and yarn, the first time someone showed you the knit stitch, or the first time you cracked open a knitting instruction book or surfed a knitting Web page."

--- the opening paragraph of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off

And in this amazing land are amazing people who understand that fellow travelers not only love to knit, they love to read about knitting, and they would really appreciate having a personalized signed copy of the Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting.

That's what was waiting for me at the end of an incredibly stressful day. I wanted to post this thank you, but I admit I did take the time to read a little bit of the book first!

I had just recently arrived in the land of knitting when someone gave me a copy of the Yarn Harlot's first book. It opened my eyes to the wonderful depths of this world into which I had stumbled. I understood for the first time that I wasn't alone and that it was okay to be so ga ga over knitting!

In another package from my super secret pal was this great knitted lighthouse. It really fits with the theme of my house, which is the beach. I have embraced this motif since I am a transplanted mid-westerner who is thrilled to live on the ocean.

Happy Easter All

He Has Risen

He has Risen Indeed

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Danielle said...

Wow! That's some pal...Signed and everything! :)