Friday, April 13, 2007

Rrrrrripit Rrrrrrrrrripit

I was just about to knit the LAST line on my cabled tote and what should I see but this: My cable goes over when it should go under. Aaaaaarrrrrgggg.
I tried at first to pretend there was nothing wrong, but there is no denying it. That's the first stage, right? Denial. Then anger? Oh for crying out loud! Then bargaining: "No one will notice." Maybe that's denial too. I am finally at acceptance. There's something wonky on the other side anyway (see picture below). So frog we must. At least I enjoy the cable knitting, so I won't mind redoing it too much.

I wonder which child was driving me crazy when I made this mistake and why was I trying to continue to knit when they were driving me crazy? The answer to the latter question of course is that otherwise I'd never knit. I guess I won't be finishing this tonight. Heavy sigh.


Danielle said...

The color is beautiful...Too bad you have to frog it!!

stickchick said...

The cables and colors look WONDERFUL!! Sorry about the frogging, I feel your pain.