Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Goal

I know it's long past New Year's, but I think I finally have decided on a resolution. I want to knit this year with as many different kinds of fibers as possible. Yak yarn, camel yarn, Moose yarn? Is there such a thing? I've been reading about them and it's whet my appetite to try them. The challenge now is deciding what to make with them. It has to be something simple enough so I don't mess up and waste such expensive yarn, but yet intricate enough to draw attention. I want people to ask about it so I can say it was made with Yak yarn or camel yarn or whatever I can find.

Suggestions welcomed.

For anyone who might be interested in ancient Mayan ruins, here's the link to the field notes my dh has been writing while on "vacation" from the homefront:

He told me that he was mucking around in the ruins at night and later learned he shouldn't have been doing that because there was a jaguar in the area. Personally, I think I'd rather face the jaguar than a hormonal boy crazy riled up14 yo.

But in fairness, the kids have been surprisingly delightful as of late. Maybe it's that the sun has finally came out and Spring seems to have finally arrived. We've even had fun together and they've been doing their jobs with minimal nagging.

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loribird said...

I'll try to think of some pattern suggestions for you... and if I get a chance to brush the Yard Moose, I'll spin some moose yarn for you :) (no promises though)