Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy Birthday happenings

I said goodnight to a 4yo and goodmorning to a 5yo! It is a bittersweet day. I can hardly wait to get to know her 5yo little self, but I already miss her little 4yo self. She's such a delightful little soul.

Up until at least midnight the weather report called for a gloomy day, but we awoke to bright blue skies and sunshine. A special birthday gift from God? It was perfect weather for the zoo.

But before we left, I had to get a camera. I've been good all week on not stocking up on yarn to assuage the parental stress of the week, but I needed a camera to record the day, of course. It's a Canon PowerShot A55o that so far I love, for anyone looking to buy a camera.

The aforementioned teenager was truly a gem, sheparding her sister and five other screaming squirrly tots through the zoo. She even paid for their rides on the miniature merri-go-round without being prompted. Now, I know she's on her best behavior because she's wants to go to a church dinner on Friday where all her friends will be despite being grounded for grade problems, but still it was nice. She assured me the pleasantness will continue even if I don't change my mind on the dinner. hmmm.. Again I'm having a problem with the lack of a manual here!

Getting a camera means being able to take a picture of the socks. The really nice thing about working from home is that I can knit while waiting for my computer to boot up without upsetting the boss. I know they're not matching and that the whole point of doing two at once is to end up with a pair, but for my first try I thought I'd have an easier time with two different colors.

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Lisa L said...

And the weather is only going to get better! Good luck with your teenager - I can definitely tell where mine is in her cycle just by her mood - but it can still be hard to get through! You're going to love your Canon - I sure think mine is great! Any luck with the buttons??